"Article About NFR From A DJs Perspective "

Who is NFR?

That is a fantastic question.

NFR stands for Native Family Radio, an internet radio station that has been in existance since Dec.31st of 1999. 

The inspiration behind it was our owner, Newty and her Father. 

They were apart from each other and he was very sick but as in the words of her father, this way we can be close and I will always be with you in spirit. 

That is what has driven Newty to keep the radio for so long. 

As with all stations, there have been ups and downs but she persevered thru it all. 

We are a family of DJs, listenrs and other staff, that feel we are all family to one another. 

We are close to one another in some way, and are a great bunch of people. 

There are times when we all don't get along, but still have respect for one another, as colleagues and as friends.

 This station may be a kind of business, but it ran with the huge heart of Newty. More like a family than a business. I feel that is what makes this station so unique.

 We have a few DJs that are still with us since the beginning. I have only have been with them a little over 2 years, and I have seen some DJs that have come and left and some have wanted to come back. 

I can only speak from personal experience, from the 1st day I came here, i was made to feel right at home, like it was a family and it is my home and will be for as long as i can do this or until Newty throws me out !!!!! LOL

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